India's Best School Consultants for New School Projects


Erocon, a name which is synonym for best K-12 school consultants in India widely recognized for providing best advisory and consulting services for new school projects effectively guiding and hand holding clients on each and every step enabling them to overcome all hurdles and challenges for setting up the best school offering in their respective markets. An established legacy of setting up schools for our promoters since 1992, Erocon has a towering client base of over 600 plus schools served, set up of over 70 school projects. In addition to school consultancy, we started our in house school architecture and construction management firm since 2015 where we have been school architects for over 25 school projects till date thereby giving an overall edge of in depth knowledge for our team to integrate requirements of a school project on all accounts and lay foundation for a successful set up for our promoters. We can proudly state that Erocon being the best school consultants in India will take up the responsibility for providing 360 degree advisory and solutions on all accounts for all our promoters for setting up a new school project in the country.


The journey of becoming the best school consultants and school architects in India is an outcome of sustained efforts, hard work, labor and a strong passion to provide the best quality of services for our clients for the past 30 years. The following attributes our organization and services have created the necessary mark and hence make us the best school consultants in India for new school project setup.



Market Exposure as school consultants


Erocon exclusively has amassed over 30 years of experience in setting up of K-12 school projects in the country. We are only into advisory and consulting of K-12 school projects in the education domain. Our team has successfully undertaken over 500 feasibility study and market research work for individual promoters, corporates and affiliated partners for market research work for various established school brands. The span and our extent of research spreads over 24 states starting from Jammu & Kashmir till Tamil Nadu covering all directions. With the exposure of studying over 400 locations throughout the country, getting first-hand experience of on ground market dynamics for various markets getting to know their consumption pattern, existing trends, upcoming development scenario and consumer mind set giving us the necessary advantage to anticipate the required market entry strategy and brand positioning for a new school project. We have been fortunate enough to get opportunities to undertake multiple feasibility and research work from same cities that kept us informed and validated in terms of having a constant observation of market movement on a regular basis. The unparalleled on ground exposure and knowledge pool enables us to effectively do the necessary positioning, entry and expansion planning for an upcoming school project. Various micro markets for cities such as Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Karnal, Bhopal, Indore, Srinagar, Guwahati, Chennai, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar, Durgapur, Mohali, Chandigarh and many other tier 2 and 3 locations have been undertaken regularly over the years where we have seen the industry evolve giving us the necessary acumen to predict movement in terms of market demands. It is said and we firmly believe that the first step into a venture should be done accurately thereby making project planning the most important aspect in terms of promoters getting the required know how on market entry, brand positioning, occupancy trend, HR Planning, Affiliation requisites and most importantly the investment size along with Return on Investment/ Break Even Analysis on the project and understand the priority points of investment to create the right outcome along with associated challenges before they could think of moving forward. 


Our accurate estimation for anticipated occupancy trend is well known and established in the market. As a case study, in 2017, our estimate was 110, 160 and 375 for The BIPF School – Cuttack, Shriram Global School – Lucknow and NRI Public School – Hojai respectively which ended up having first year jump start number as 108, 153 and 390 students respectively establishing our expertise to get the right pulse of the market.


Industry Experience as school consultants


Our team comprises of the right mix of veteran academicians possessing 40 plus years of market experience with young, creative and dynamic minds where the best quality deliverables for any of our projects is a collaborative effort of our team. Veteran Academicians from various spheres of education industry having exposure for all successful and upcoming effective academic tools along with market know how lead the way for our team to set the right tone for development of new school project. The know-how of multiple pedagogy approach, teaching methodology, curriculum offering, school brand offering, various marketing strategies enables Erocon to customize for every project effectively their needs and requirements. We have in house expert consultants available for each of our module services whether be in terms of School Planning, School Branding consultants, School Infra Set up Consultants, School Architects, School Curriculum, School Academic Planning Experts, School recruitment consultants, School Affiliation consultants for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB curriculum schools in India. 


Creating Strong Brand Positioning and Brand Impact in market for New school Project


80 percent of our client base comprises of promoters wanting to set up their own school brand. They require the necessary support, expertise and acumen to create a school brand that can be perceived as a comparable brand in competition to the already existing successful schools in the market to create the pull factor and mark. It is necessary for the new school brands to facilitate the traction and footfalls to the new school offering on account of how they are able to project and position the school brand. First impression of the new school brand starting from its website, hoardings, advertisements, brochure, reading material, promotional video and many other aspects should be designed such that the parents feel the need to subscribe to the new school offering irrespective of the established feedback of competition schools while projecting on all product differentiation aspects. Our Brand Design and Marketing Team ensure understanding the market dynamics to derive what all aspects and USPs will create the required noise in the market translating into encouraging footfalls and ensuring an excellent first year jump start. Every market behaves differently and have distinct traction points that positions the new school brand positively catering to the existing mind set of parents. The know-how of consumer behavior integrated with exquisite brand designs along with effective marketing planning for the new school accounts for a successful brand launch for which Erocon has established its expertise over the years.


Handholding of Clients To make school set up process smooth


Our involvement in every project of ours is to the minutest of detailing required for the project on all accounts starting from planning stage, operations and infra setups, branding and marketing planning, recruitment, HR Policy and Framework, Administrative framework and SOP, Academics and Curriculum Planning, Staff and Teacher’s training for effective implementation of SOPs as well as curriculum and finally for affiliations. At every point, our prompt and accurate services contribute to efficient development of the new school project thereby adding value to the complete process. We believe in sharing and transferring knowledge, where hand holding on all aspects for school project set up is accompanied with our team sharing knowledge for the promoters and team to run the show post our exit. The promoters learn closely while working with us ensuring setting up of better judgement parameters and decision-making acumen for future.  



Project Scale and Team Exposure as school consultants


At present, Erocon is turnkey school consultant and architects for India’s largest Day Boarding CBSE school as well as for India’s largest Residential CBSE school. At present, Erocon is shouldering the responsibility to effectively commission projects having a cumulative project value of over 1500 Cr. The spectrum of our projects varies from being a 5 Cr project to 300 Cr project. On an average, since 2015, Erocon is adding over 50 new clients to their family of satisfied customers. The best of corporates and school brands along with the best of schools are being entrusted to the expert team of Erocon for them to plan, advise and design. Whether be Market Research, Feasibility, Project Planning, Architecture, Branding and Marketing, Recruitment, Academic planning or for affiliations, Erocon has been able to position itself as the most preferred school consulting organization in the country.


Referral Network of Satisfied Clients


With a client base of over 600 plus comprising reputed individuals, corporates, school brands, majority of our projects are an outcome of referral network. Existing and previous clients swear by the name of Erocon when it comes to accurate, timely and efficient service deliverables making the complete process of development of a new school project for promoters smooth. We encourage and connect our prospective clients to our previous/existing clients for them to get an unbiased opinion as well as feedback of our services for them to make the right decision before partnering with us on their journey of setting up an excellent school offering.



One Stop Solution – School Planning, Consulting & School Architecture Services

Erocon over the course of years since 1992 has evolved in terms of experience and exposure which has enabled our team to add multiple services that presently make us a one stop solution. The 30 plus years journey was initially started with our parent organization, Erose Educational Infotech being into teachers training, administrative framework set up and academic support services for primarily Delhi Public School Projects set up all across the country. With more experience and exposure, the organization took the challenge of broadening their spectrum of services constantly adding new scope and horizon which led to us eventually becoming a one stop solution for advising promoters for new school project on all accounts. For school projects, intellectual advisory, academics, planning and recruitments go hand in hand with the infrastructure development. In 2015, post surge in demand from our existing clients, Erocon ventured into having its own in -house architecture, design and construction management services only for school projects dedicated to maintaining its exclusivities around their expertise of schools. Our expert team dealing with the development of infrastructure of the school project successfully bridges the gap between how things are planned and how they get translated into development of the various learning zones within the campus. The design of the building plays a very important role in supporting the branding activities for the school project creating a larger than life offering where parent assesses the designs of the building in the initial years for judging the school offering. Our effective implementation of consulting wing’s thought process along with excellent aesthetically designed school buildings go hand in hand to support the cause for an excellent new school brand launch. The addition of architecture and construction management enables us to become the best school consultants and advisors in the industry for new school set up in India as a new domain of hurdles associated to the construction activities are accounted for while planning for a new school project leading to development of a practical approach for the new venture set up which will be more close to reality. Our architecture wing provides end to end design services starting from Master Planning, Civil, Structure, MEP, Fire Fighting, HVAC, Landscape and Interiors while our construction management team closely monitors all aspects on site during the construction to ensure timely delivery within given budgets and quality creating the necessary platform of coordination among all agencies facilitating for them to work in sync leading to timely delivery. Since 2015, we have been architects for over 25 projects and have designed over 1.5 million square feet of school buildings along with landscape of over 300 Acres of land cumulatively strengthening our knowledge base, exposure avenues and expertise. The design aspects are accordingly coordinated with the technical and venture requirements of the project that lead to effective commissioning for new school projects benefitting our clients on all accounts.


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