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Erocon School consultants have extensive know how of the general market scenario and upcoming market potential for new school projects in Chennai. Chennai since 2000 has been a major contributor to the GDP of the country on account of being one of the biggest manufacturing hubs.  Being popularly known as the ‘Detroit of Asia”, Chennai alone accounts for being the base of around 30% of the India’s total automobile industry and 35% of the total automobile component industry. In addition to the same, Chennai at present has also received major investments on account of Apple Phone manufacturing. IT sector also seen a major upswing in the city post establishments of Bengaluru and Hyderabad IT industry.

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Chennai is one of the few cities in the country which has shown the trend of having lowest unsold inventory for new residential units showing healthy population influx trend in the city. This shows the growing surge of demand for good facility schools in the city. As per our market survey, the city is also exhibiting surge in demand for international curriculum schools, primarily Cambridge curriculum that range between an annual fee structure of 2,50,000 – 4,00,000. IB curriculum schools have lesser market share than Cambridge due to fee structure and un-availability of human resources. In Chennai, multiple options for Cambridge curriculum are available at affordable fee structure making it difficult for the IB offering schools to position themselves strongly. However, with the anticipated surge and population influx of expats, we could see more demand for IB curriculum schools. Chennai by 2016 had one of the highest population for expatriate population crossing over 1,00,000 which would further reinforce our above statement for surge in demand for IB schools in the city.

With respect to CBSE schools, with more development in IT and manufacturing sector, Chennai has moved from matriculation/ state board education to CBSE in the last 2 decades. Tamil Nadu in particular is one of the few states with strong matriculation and state board education framework which restricted the facilitation and expansion of CBSE schools for quite some time. However, with population influx and development of a cosmopolitan culture, there has been a surge of high fee structure good facility oriented CBSE school in the city. Majority of the expansion have happened on two directions of the city taking airport as the epicenter. One direction being Sholinganallur as well as on OMR catchments. The other being towards Sriperumbudur where Nokia SEZ, Multiple manufacturing units and additional 1 Billion dollar investment for manufacturing of Apple Phones by Foxconn has recently been announced creating over 20,000 jobs. These above mentioned locations are yet to get saturated which will peak around 2024-25. Hence a great market potential for a CBSE school with good facility in the range of Rs 1,00,000 – 1,80,000 or premium IB/IGCSE Curriculum school exists.


These markets shall remain a good potential zone for the next decade. With right planning, study of catchment, competition, entry strategy and positioning plan, the above areas are anticipated to do extremely well for clients planning to open New School Project. Erocon School Consultants being the best school planning consultants in India have the best Market Research team and are known for their unbiased opinion in the market. Our team with its 3 decades of experience understand the pulse of the Chennai as a location.

If you are looking for the best school consultants in Chennai, then contact Erocon School Consultants that provides end to end solutions for School Set up Advisory Services along with Turnkey School Architecture services for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB schools for schools in Chennai. Due to our exposure to the Chennai market, we can provide the necessary required inputs to new promoters who are planning to open a new school project. Erocon School Consultants in Chennai understand the demography and market demand for various micro markets and associated market segments. We are aware of all the localities which have the potential for growth in the future scenario. Being the best school consultants to advise for new school projects in Chennai, we have done multiple market research and feasibility study for planning IB school, IGCSE school and CBSE school in Chennai.



Thank you very much for all your hard work. We appreciate you very much and want you to know how valued you are. Entire Erocon team has a crucial role in our success.

A. Ramkumar

Chairman, AVPS, Perambalur, Tamilnadu

Erocon has definitely helped us out here when it comes to our operations or planning the future. Over the past 2 years Erocon has continued to achieve great results for us using their dedicated team of Academicians.

Amar Tolani

Chairman, SWS, Lakhimpur, U.P.

Erocon has really helped from the project planning phase. The consulting is the way to reach our desired educational goals.

Aadi Tiwari

Promoter, The Cambridge School


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