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Kolkata, one of the 4 metropolitan cities of India and once the capital of India in addition to being hub for education and intellectualization. Education is a serious aspect amongst parents of the city. With time and surge in population influx, the demand for schools have surged drastically. Kolkata comprises of legacy schools positioned in the market since 1900s and with introduction of cosmopolitan nature of the city due to population influx since 1990s, the city has seen a vast number of new school brands getting introduced. This city happens to be one of the few remaining cities having an equal demand for ICSE affiliated school compared to CBSE school on account of the legacy of the affiliation and unavailability of land that leads to promoters consider ICSE affiliation within the city.

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The city primarily comprises of mid and upper mid segment parents. Unlike other metropolitan cities, the city has diverse micro markets comprising of low mid segment to upper mid segment cities available across the city where within every 3-4 km radius, the target catchment segment changes drastically. But as an overview, Kolkata is yet to get introduced to a premium fee structure international curriculum school. The paying tendency towards education for most of the parents is not yet evolved as compared to other metropolitan cities as the requirement of Kolkata parents revolve majorly over academics. In general, the other metropolitan cities unlike the majority population of Kolkata which is Bengali do not have co-curricular development aspects integrated with their day to day aspects. Hence new schools in other metropolitan areas focus and create high cost infrastructure having co-curricular aspects as USP and a traction point for new parents. Whereas for Kolkata Parents, children subscribing to a co-curricular activity post school hour in general norm which leads to these aspects not being considered as a USP here. Due to the same, Kolkata schools are oriented towards academics more while not investing much on exposure platforms and sports leading lesser infrastructure development burden and costs which eventually leads to having lower fee structure. Hence even after being a metropolitan city it has very few high fees structure school – whether be ICSE, CBSE or international Curriculum.


With the emergence of 21st century and Kolkata becoming one of the IT hub of the country, parents from all across the country visited the city and hence a demand surged for balanced education offering within the city that was required. Since then, all new schools have tried to add elements with respect to pedagogy, preprimary offering exclusivity and sports along with academics. Kolkata eventually got introduced to facility backed schools and Cambridge curriculum school but was unable to have IB subscribers in place due to dearth of human resource availability. These factors again contributed to schools having a particular threshold with respect to fee structure. In addition, the challenge for the new promoters was having limited land parcels over which they were required to operate the schools. This did not allow them to create much sports facilities and outdoor facilities which would have enabled them to charge higher from parents while the market indicated demand for facility intensive school. The trend that exists in this city is that of schools having very high admission fee component which is a one-time component and affordable recurring fee. One advantage of this city is availability of students in abundance where any and every new school if positioned well with respect to fee structure along with qualifying infrastructure exhibiting jump start number in the first year of operations in the range of 300-500 students. It can be figured out from the fact that DPS Ruby Park in just 3 Acres of land have a G+10 structure accommodating over 5000 students which falls in the range of Rs 1,10,000 – 1,30,000 fee structure tentatively including admission fee and other one-time components with Rs 60,000 – 80,000 as the recurring tuition fee component. Similarly, all brand schools are in the same range exhibiting similar volume addition trend. One of the advantages of the Kolkata market is low attrition rate of students indicating movement of students from one school to another trend is low on account of high admission fee component as existing.


The city center locations are short of schools as well as short of land parcels as available for development for any new school project. Even if any land parcel is available, purchase of land parcel for development of new school is not feasible given the current market price and threshold of fee structure that schools may charge. Majority of new developments and upcoming population influx is being exhibited on catchments along with EM Bypass, Salt Lake, Narendrapur, Sonarpur, New Town, South and North Parganas. These are the areas primarily left that can be considered for development of new school project where good future prospects and reasonable land prices are still existing along with availability of target segment catchments. Any new school project which would be able to provide sports facilities in addition to having excellent teaching staff, focused academics and co-curricular provisions will be able to sweep markets on account of low-density proposition along with sports facilities under its offering as it will set the necessary precedence for the new school to create any kind of pull factor while competing against the known legacy brands and school giants. Kolkata as a market unlike Bengaluru, Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad, Pune is one of the very few markets in the country which shows very healthy volume addition trend prospect, strong admission refusal trend and scope for introducing new elements in the sphere of school based education adding various parameters of learning and student’s development which will create a connect amongst the Kolkata parents. Doing a new school project in and around Kolkata is a beneficial prospect and it will remain this way for the next 5 years at least.


Erocon School Consultants have exclusive experience of undertaking various Market Research Services for Kolkata as a market for upcoming K-12 school prospects along with being involved in setting up school projects in the city. Erocon being the best school consultants, best school planners and best school architects serve to be a one stop solution for the new promoters to get necessary assistance, guidance and direction to set up a successful new school project in Kolkata for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB curriculum.

If you are looking for the best school consultants in Kolkata, then contact Erocon School Consultants that provides end to end solutions for School Set up Advisory Services along with Turnkey School Architecture services for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB schools for schools in Kolkata. Due to our exposure to the Kolkata market, we can provide the necessary required inputs to new promoters who are planning to open a new school project. Erocon School Consultants in Kolkata understand the demography and market demand for various micro markets and associated market segments. We are aware of all the localities which have the potential for growth in the future scenario. Being the best school consultants to advise for new school projects in Kolkata, we have done multiple market research and feasibility study for planning IB school, IGCSE school and CBSE school in Kolkata.


Thank you very much for all your hard work. We appreciate you very much and want you to know how valued you are. Entire Erocon team has a crucial role in our success.

A. Ramkumar

Chairman, AVPS, Perambalur, Tamilnadu

Erocon has definitely helped us out here when it comes to our operations or planning the future. Over the past 2 years Erocon has continued to achieve great results for us using their dedicated team of Academicians.

Amar Tolani

Chairman, SWS, Lakhimpur, U.P.

Erocon has really helped from the project planning phase. The consulting is the way to reach our desired educational goals.

Aadi Tiwari

Promoter, The Cambridge School


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