The city has always been a major education hub with respect to K-12 education scenario or for higher studies where students from all across the state exhibit a strong influx trend. Due to the same, the K-12 education segment of the city is very competitive where all recognized brands are positioned, all segment schools are available starting from low fee structure to premium fee structure school in addition to many legacy school brands such as La Martiniere, CMS, Loreto Convent, St Francis College and Jaipuria. The city has over 6 DPS branches, 20 branches of CMS and presence of many reputed brands of schools such as Shriram Global School, Kunskapsskolan, Lucknow Public school, GD Goenka School, Amity School, Millennium World School, Vibgyor School, Seth AR Jaipuria, Seth MR Jaipuria and many more. All segment schools are available for all target parents where Lucknow as a market is well exposed to good facility offerings and have established benchmark with respect to fee vs facility offering.

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Most of the development over the past decade in addition to population influx has happened on the catchments across the Shaheed Path area. High density catchments such as Gomti Nagar extension, Vrindavan Yojna, Awadh Vihar Yojna, catchments near Airport and Lucknow Sultanpur road comprising of multiple townships, high rise apartments in addition to major commercial projects being planned in this part of the town signifying development of employment hubs. Already a lot of schools have got commissioned in these catchments while these areas are exhibiting occupancy not beyond 25 – 30%. This direction of the city also exhibits trends for parents to consider facility oriented schools having higher fee structure. 


Although competitive but still Lucknow has higher potential to accommodate more schools due to constant population influx on account of it being one of the employment hubs in the state. With time and with projects as announced, Lucknow is further on the path of becoming a Tier 1 metropolitan city in the next decade which will further facilitate more movement of families from outside and hence will drive demand for facility-oriented school. The challenge with entering Lucknow in the current market is a bare minimum fee structure of Rs 70,000 per annum to make financial viability due to higher cost of land, higher salary structures and operational cost. 


What Lucknow will respond to in the coming years will be premium CBSE school, premium Cambridge school and a very premium high fee structure International curriculum/Dual curriculum residential school where Northern part of the country has legacy residential school positioned but they are now running at full capacity leading to surge in demand for such kind of schools. Lucknow due to it being state capital, positive image amongst parents, education hub and being one of the most developed citites in the state will definitely attract students from all across the state and nearby northern states for a premium residential school offering.


If you are looking for the best school consultants in Lucknow, then contact Erocon School Consultants that provides end to end solutions for School Set up Advisory Services along with Turnkey School Architecture services for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB schools for schools in Lucknow. Due to our exposure to the Lucknow market, we can provide the necessary required inputs to new promoters who are planning to open a new school project. Erocon School Consultants in Lucknow understand the demography and market demand for various micro markets and associated market segments. We are aware of all the localities which have the potential for growth in the future scenario. Being the best school consultants to advise for new school projects in Lucknow, we have done multiple market research and feasibility study for planning IB school, IGCSE school and CBSE school in Lucknow.


Thank you very much for all your hard work. We appreciate you very much and want you to know how valued you are. Entire Erocon team has a crucial role in our success.

A. Ramkumar

Chairman, AVPS, Perambalur, Tamilnadu

Erocon has definitely helped us out here when it comes to our operations or planning the future. Over the past 2 years Erocon has continued to achieve great results for us using their dedicated team of Academicians.

Amar Tolani

Chairman, SWS, Lakhimpur, U.P.

Erocon has really helped from the project planning phase. The consulting is the way to reach our desired educational goals.

Aadi Tiwari

Promoter, The Cambridge School


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