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Demand for CBSE School in India?

This is a trend that indicates the winds of change blowing in the field of education. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has received about 500+  applications to start English-medium schools in last three months alone.The demand for CBSE schools is largely due to the rising awareness amongst parents that CBSE provides a higher standard of education and better quality textbooks by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) in comparison to the state board. 

"Parents are becoming more aware that the Central board syllabus gives their children a distinct edge whilst competing in national-level entrance exams which have become mandatory to get admission in professional courses

Earlier, parents in transferrable jobs or those from other states used to opt for CBSE. Now, the demand comes from locally settled parents. "CBSE schools follow the NCERT syllabus which is high in quality and prepares children to crack tough entrance exams. In comparison, state board syllabus and textbooks are deemed not up to the mark. The new school setups are now going for school consultants to help them build the schools to have quality education model for next generations to come.


CBSE School versus ICSE School - Is CBSE better than ICSE


  • CBSE is A Progressive Board ,

  • It Is An Experimental Board For MHRD – Out Of 41 Boards In The Country.. All New Policies, Schemes And Educational Innovations Are Tried Out As Pilot Projects In CBSE Affiliated Schools

  • Most Of The Students Switch Over From ICSE to CBSE At +1 Level (Xi Class) Due To Synchronization Of CBSE Syllabus With Competitive Examinations

  • CBSE schools in India is around 17000 + whereas ICSE is declining at a rate of 2-3% every year as many school are switching over from ICSE to CBSE
  • As all innovation and new practices are being tried by the CBSE, hence setting up primary school with CBSE pattern/curriculum will give a boost to setup high-tech school of senior wing which in coming years will enjoy better reputation and point of attraction for parents



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Thank you very much for all your hard work. We appreciate you very much and want you to know how valued you are. Entire Erocon team has a crucial role in our success.

A. Ramkumar

Chairman, AVPS, Perambalur, Tamilnadu

Erocon has definitely helped us out here when it comes to our operations or planning the future. Over the past 2 years Erocon has continued to achieve great results for us using their dedicated team of Academicians.


Amar Tolani

Chairman, SWS, Lakhimpur, U.P.

Erocon has really helped from the project planning phase. The consulting is the way to reach our desired educational goals


Aadi Tiwari

Promoter, The Cambridge School


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