What are CBSE Affiliation norms/requisites? What are the documents required for CBSE Affiliation? 

The pre-requisites for affiliation to CBSE board are as following

1. A ‘No Objection Certificate’ / Recognition Letter from the State Government (Mandatory CBSE affiliation submission document)

2. Ownership or lease of requisite land in the name of the School or Society / Trust running the school. (If the land has been taken on lease, acceptable lease period is 33 years)  (Mandatory CBSE affiliation submission document)

3. The trust or society / management running the school should be of non-proprietary character. (Mandatory CBSE affiliation submission document)

a. Non-proprietary character of the trust or society running the school (to be shown by way of an affidavit). 

4. The list of members with their addresses, occupations, qualifications (Mandatory CBSE affiliation submission document)

a. An affidavit from the Chairman / Secretary stating how the members are related to each other or they are not related to each other duly attested by first class magistrate should be submitted.

5. Sanitary certificate from the local state government authority (Mandatory CBSE affiliation submission document)

6. Fire safety certificate from the state government fire brigade department. (Mandatory CBSE affiliation submission document)

7. Trust deed with the list of Trust members. (Mandatory CBSE affiliation submission document)

8.      Stability certificate. (Mandatory CBSE affiliation submission document)

9.      Building license  (Mandatory CBSE affiliation submission document)

10.  Reserve fund details  (Mandatory CBSE affiliation submission document)

11.  Bank statement regarding staff salary payment (Mandatory CBSE affiliation submission document)

12.  Student strength details (Mandatory CBSE affiliation submission document)

13.  List of Teaching & Non Teaching Staff (Mandatory CBSE affiliation submission document)

14.  Library details 

15.  Laboratory details 

16.  Sports Equipment details 

17.  Furniture & Fittings details

18.  List of Central government offices

19.  List of students whose parents who are on transferable to other states. 

20.  Form of agreement executed between management & staff

21.  School plan with details, size of classrooms, library, staff rooms, etc.

22.  Land documents & details like area of playground, built in area, etc.

23.  Photographs to be enclose 

  •      Class room

  •       Library

  •       Laboratory

  •       Staff room

  •       Activity rooms – art & craft, music, games room

  •       Play ground, etc.


Last date of submission of application is 30th June of the year preceding the year in which class VII/IX/ XI is proposed to be started.

What will be the procedure for CBSE application submission?

There are 3 types of application that can be put to CBSE

  1. Middle School Syllabus approval (Grade 6-8)

  2. Secondary Level Affiliation (Grade 9-10)

  3. Senior Secondary Affiliation (Grade 11-12)


We proceed to online submission of application post all government licenses, documents and formalities are ready. In general majority of the schools apply for CBSE affiliation when they have their Grade 8 batch. Inspection is undertaken in the same academic session for permission to be granted for next academic session.


Stage -1          Review work to ensure all norms and requisites are fulfilled

Stage -2          Online Application to CBSE-(From documents preparation to applying online)

Stage -3          Preparing for Inspection by CBSE Team

Stage -4          Getting the inspection done by CBSE Team

Stage -5          Regular follow up with CBSE regarding the application status

At what stage the Schools will apply for Middle School syllabus approval from CBSE

We can apply for middle school syllabus approval preceding the year in which grade 6th is proposed.

At what stage the Schools will apply for Secondary School affiliation approval from CBSE?

We can apply for Secondary School affiliation preceding the year in which grade 9th is proposed.

At what stage the Schools will apply for Senior secondary School approval from CBSE?

We can apply for Senior Secondary School affiliation preceding the year in which grade 11th is proposed

How much time it takes to get CBSE affiliation for a school?

In general the trend has been that the CBSE sends the fist reply within 60-90 days from 31st MARCH in the form of deficiency or inspection committee being constituted. From the date of intimation of the letter, it takes 30-45 days for the inspection to be conducted by CBSE inspection committee at the school premises. From the date of inspection, it takes 45-60 days for the affiliations to be granted. The above timelines based on average processing and for cases meeting all CBSE requisites. For cases having major to minor deficiency, it may take upto 1 year for the affiliation to be granted.


Can the school be affiliated to both state board and CBSE in a single school campus

Post taking NOC from State Government and taking CBSE/CISCE application; you will not be permitted to run two board schools in the same campus.

How many members are there in CBSE inspection team?

In general two members in the CBSE inspection team

What is inspection report proforma for CBSE affiliation?

Click here to download sample inspection report proforma

I have received deficiency after IC, will i get affiliation?

You have the right to appeal , if you have got unnecessary deficiency post the inspection by IC. In general CBSE will give time to respond to deficiency raised by IC team.

Whats is CBSE Inspection date & CBSE Inspection documents?

In general the date of inspection is mutually decided between school & IC members and list of documents is attached in the IC constitution letter. Click here for CBSE affiliation inspection documents

What is the land requirement for CBSE school in rural area?

6000 SQM

What is the land required for primary school?

No minimum land requirement given by CBSE

What is the standard CBSE school classroom size?

48 sqm (6 x 8) = 500 sqf

What is the standard CBSE school library size?

112 sqm (14 x 8) = 1200 sqf

What is the standard CBSE school lab size for Physics , Biology & Chemistry?

54 sqm (9 x 6) = 600 sqf


  1. We will complete the application to CBSE - in consultation with the Principal.

  2. We will Open the account on your behalf at CBSE. website

  3. We will Send a list of documents required - which need to be provided by you for the affiliation

  4. First visit by team member will involve training to the management and staff about the total requirement of the CBSE. The staff will be trained over to complete the documentation part.

  5. We will complete the application atleast 15 days prior to last date( it may close early depending upon document status )

  6. We will Give a detailed requirement list of facilities required before inspection.

  7. Continuous follow up with the CBSE about the application status

  8. Second visit , around one month before inspection to ensure procedures, documentation, Infrastructural requirements and manpower training is complete. 

  9. Planning of the inspection day

  10. Coordination with the inspection committee.

  11. Third visit, Our Presence will be there during inspection.

  12. Follow up after inspection till the affiliation is granted.

  13. In case of deficiencies / objections from CBSE, We will guide you on clearing up these objections.

Recently CBSE has changed the norms and is very particular about the way school are following the norms ,therefore it is important to understand the fresh requirements fo CBSE for a smooth inspection and successful grant of affiliation.

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