What a 21st Century School should be

  • Make education stress free, enjoyable and innovative

  • Minimize rote learning and make the subjects interesting to learn.

  • Facilitate in laying a sound foundation and to develop the right attitudes.

  • Train children to maintain individuality in a shrinking world and growing technology

​We establish schools with a difference

  • The entire school should become a learning laboratory.

  • Having a stress free atmosphere

  • Encouraging creativity

  • Confidence building

  • Inculcate values

  • To encourage children to pursue the career of their choice


How we can help as school consultants

There is a need to have a neutral body which will provide a wide range of services such as

  • Start-up inputs

  • Continuous monitoring of schools to ensure compliance with contractual obligations internal audits,

  • Compliance with directives of various boards.

  • Quality control of academics.

  • Organise in-service workshops for staff

Creating Transformational Schools

Successful schools encourage time or reflection Transformation requires schools to embrace innovation and develop their capacity to manage and sustain continuous development. A transformational school will demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • A belief that every student can achieve high standards.

  • Every teacher using modern tools to maximise the progress of students.

  • Every teacher aims for self improvement  to have an impact on his/her students performance.

  • Awareness of  underperformance, appropriate targets, and priorities for improvement.

  • Effective systems that enable high expectations to be met.

  • Regular review of curriculum, timetable and other resources to achieve high standards.

  • Personal support and conditions for learning for every  student that help them overcome barriers to learning.

  • A strong commitment to improving the school system as a whole.

The role of leadership while setting up a new school

Leadership has consistently been shown as the key factor in determining the success of a school.  Leaders who seek to transform their schools tend to:

  • Have self knowledge and clarity about values and commitment

  • Focus on developing the staff, and empowering them to bring about a shared vision which maximizes the outcomes for students

  • Operate at all levels, but particularly in the senior leadership team (SLT)

  • Encourage, manage and sustain school improvement 

  • Manage organization well, respond to changing needs, and welcome school autonomy and innovation and ensure there is an unvarying focus on improving teaching and learning.

Using & Managing data

A school should have systems with the following capabilities:

  • a measure of students' prior achievement on entry to the school

  • an understanding of students' potential (what level a student is likely to achieve at the end of each year)

  • a system for predicting students' subsequent achievement

  • a system for monitoring students' progress throughout the year

  • a system for mentoring students who appear not be reaching their potential.

Raising standards with the help of a school consultant

To raise standards, schools must:

  • Analyse current performance of pupils and groups.

  • How well are we doing?              

  • Compare with national standards and similar schools. | 

  • How well should we be doing?     

  • Set clear and measurable targets. |    

  • What more can we achieve?                                     

  • Identify and implement improvement plans.|  

  • What must we do to make it happen?                     

  • Take action – review success – start again. | 

  • What went well?  |  

  • What can we do better?                                         


​Importance of a School Consultant in a school project

  • The most important factor is the turnaround time of the project as rapid urbanisation has pushed the land & building prices upwards. Therefore a school consultant will help you gauge the right budget for the project & measure the risk involved. 

  • Secondly it is important to understand the right market entry strategy to open a school at a particular location , therefore a school consultant will create the right product differentiation and a balance value proposition to develop a market reputation and brand name as required in the first couple of years. 

  • Thirdly a good professional team of school consultant will help you reduce the project cost drastically. In general clients who do not belong from education  sector find it difficult to understand the right spend over a project which they may overcome by having a school consultant in the project leading to effective utilisation of funds. 

  • Fourthly it is important for the management to quickly understand the reporting structure and operational parameters , therefore a good team of school consultants will not only do the hand holding of the management wishing to open a new school but will also help in developing a sustainable - auto mode operational plan , which will not drain out the energy of the management on day to day basis.

  • Lastly, an effective team of school advisers will help you establish a brand name which will not only be self sustainable but will also generate sufficient funds to expand and develop multiple offerings of similar nature. Erocon is pioneer in the field of education and is the first company to have a professional team of school consultants , who strongly believes that India needs child centric & outcome based schools to create a pool of educated individuals with a strong affinity towards society.

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