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About Erocon

Erocon, a name known as the best consultant to set up a school, is the pioneer of rendering its education consulting services from the inception to the smooth operation of a school since 2009. Being a one-stop service provider, it has ballooned into accomplishing more than 721 schools projects spreading across in more than 22 States in India, in the Middle East, Europe, and even in Africa within a very short period. Carrying a wealth of information and expertise, and the enriched experience from the last 30 years, it caters the most creative and customized services to kickstart K-12 CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and IB schools. 

Erocon, India’s only Turnkey School service provider, is armed with all the set-ups and operational-related services to venture into a new school project. We are committed to providing timely, accurate, effective and customized services, and strategies addressing many challenges regarding planning, designing, branding & packaging, infrastructure, finances, facilities, and many compliances of CBSE by-laws and respective State laws.


Erocon executes only K-12 schools projects all across India in various parts of the country with the project denomination range of 5 Crore to 150 Crore.

We carry out the in-depth assessments of the prevailing market behaviors in the sync with the local dynamics, taking care of the retentions of clients, smooth commissioning to run a school. Our services also help the promoters educate the pertinent glaring gaps, and risk management assessment through the cost-benefit analysis to overcome the effective functioning of the school.


A Chronological Snapshot of Erocon

Erocon school consultants, a famed name for the best ICSE & CBSE school planning consultants, is the brainchild of multi-dimensional organization in the field of education. Erose Educational Infotech Pvt Ltd, Our Parent Company, was established in 1992 with the vision of imparting the best possible quality education and transforming hundreds of thousands of students’ lives. We acted as a stepping stone for the vertical progress of every aspiring student who outshined and scripted their marvellous achievement in the development saga of India. Later in the forthcoming years, this brand became the household name, coaching, and training thousands of students for India’s toughest entrance examinations. We are also the pioneer of Career Guidance, where we taught the most creative lessons of compelling introspection, retrospection, and contemplation in the pursuit of identifying and leveraging individual’s gifted talent to relish a satisfying career.     


On realizing the huge vacuum in the field of education consulting, Erose initiated its services in its partial capacity in the year of 1995. The school promoters appreciated its well-regard services for the valuable inputs and knowledge-sharing in the most rapidly changing education system of the world.  


2009 was the foundation year for Erocon school consultants, becoming an established and renowned brand all across India. While availing the Erocon’s services with the support of a lot of backends research, the promoters understood the huge lacunae over the nuts and bolts of an opening a new school in India. Strategic planning for the successful execution, the branding of the school in sync with the marketing behavior, smooth functioning of the school along with the approach and methodology, the justified and convincing fees structures, etc.- are the vital questions to open or run a successful school venture. Erocon addressed these vital questions and emerged out the most committed and dedicated education consulting firm, scripting the benchmark as the best consultant for school set-up.    

In its growth journey, Erocon school consultants carried out more than 70 Turnkey Projects with unprecedented success with the clients base of more than 721 plus for various other school consulting services over the last 10 years. We were applauded for “The WOW Factor” for our services. Furthermore, this thriving industry has also realized as to how important it is to to take off the school project with the right approach and solicited methodology to make a school venture success through the relentless and able efforts of school consultants.   

In 2016, we realised the glaring gap of the reinforcing demands of our clients to have an in-house team of qualified and experienced school architects on boards. Our team of school architects have helped to draw the best architectural design and eco-friendly, well planned operations and commodious school buildings within the wonderful planned landscape in different parts of India. Since 2016, our school architecture team has provided turnkey design services for over 81 projects across the country.


It is a proud moment for us that we are the best and result-oriented yet practical school service provider in the field of education consulting. Within just ten years, our clients base has strikingly expanded to 721 plus schools spreading across almost every state of India. Apart from having a huge client base, we have consistently been referencing to multiple more projects offered by the same client, endorsing the satisfaction level and the wow factor we have received as an appreciation against the services we rendered. 


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Here is a rundown of our services a promoter can benefit:

  • CBSE, ICSE, and IB schools Consulting

  • Feasibility Study for CBSE, ICSE, and IB School Projects Consulting

  • Best Architectural Design Consulting for a School Project

  • Acquiring & Divesting CBSE, ICSE & IB School Consulting 

  • ASMERO Green School Certification Program 

  • Consulting Services for Franchise in India and its Strategic Entry into Indian Market 

  • Strategic Planning Consulting for CSR Investment in Education

  • School Project from conceptualization to planning 

  • Engineering Service for Architectural & Turnkey Project of a school

  • An Advisory for a School set-up

  • An Infrastructural and Procurement Advisory Consulting for a school

  • School Brand Positioning & Brand Designing Development Program

  • Recruitment Drive & HR Policy of a school as per the CBSE Norms Program

  • School Administrative Structure & Policies & Admin Training Program

  • School Operation Support Advisory

  • School Affiliation Services Advisory Consulting

  • Detailed Project Report (DPR) Consulting for the sanction of Bank Loan

  • All in all, Erocon has been an established brand to submit the best feasibility report, best detailed project report (DPR) for school as well as the best consultants it has to hire in the market. Especially, its services-how to get loans for a school project, planning DPR for CBSE school planning- have produced the transformational results to our clients who hired us. 


The services provided by us for setting up schools are broadly categorized as following:


  • School Project Feasibility

  • School Project Planning and Conceptualization.

  • School Architecture & Turnkey Design Engineering Services

  • School Set Up Advisory

  • School Infra Planners and Procurement Advisory

  • School Brand Positioning and Brand Design Development

  • School Recruitment and HR Policy Framework

  • School Administration Framework, Policies & Admin Training

  • School Operations Support & Advisory

  • School Affiliations Services 

How to open a new school in India & need of School Consultant to set up a new school project

The biggest concern to Open a CBSE School is to understand the dynamics of this field. The questions like


  • How to open a CBSE school?

  • How to Start a CBSE School?

  • How to do Project planning for CBSE School?

  • The procedures to open a CBSE School?

  • How to identify school consultants to establish a school?

  • What are the expenses involved in opening a CBSE School?

  • What are the procedures and compliance to open a CBSE school?

  • How to get experience team to help start a CBSE School?

  • Which is the best school consultants team available in India?

  • Where to find right Assistance in Market research for CBSE school?

  • How to prepare a feasibility report for CBSE school?

  • How to prepare a CBSE school project report?

  • Best School consultants in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata,Bangalore

  • Steps to open a CBSE School

  • Guidelines to start a school in India


All these are need and ingredients to open a CBSE school to understand the complete dynamics of new school setup. EROCON School consultancy team will help you understand and guide you for new school setup right from project planning phase to Commissioning of school. School Consultants in Delhi & India 


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