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Consulting Services to set up new school in India


The span of scope of work is spread over a period of 2-3 years for a turnkey project, in general the planning & construction takes one year and it takes another one year to complete the affiliation part. The consulting services for new school project are bifurcated in Pre-Commissioning & Post Commissioning Phase. For all those who are looking to unsolve the following queries such as how to start a CBSE school in India, how to start a school in India, cost of setting up school in India, how to start a primary school in India, how to open a school in India, how to start a play school in India, checklist for opening a new school, how to start a primary school in India, new school opening procedure in India. This section will help you answer all above. 

Our services for new school setup are divided in two phases.

Phase-1 (From construction to commissioning)

Phase-2 (From commissioning to first year of operations)

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​Feasibility Report & Market Research

In the growing scenario where schools are around everywhere, It is important to understand the market potential and return on investments for a given geographical area.The purpose of a Feasibility Study is to identify the likelihood of setting up a school in the area. In other words, if you are unsure whether your school project will deliver the outcome you want, then a Project Feasibility Study by the school consultant will help gain that clarity. During the Feasibility Study, a variety of 'assessment' methods are undertaken. The competitors in the area are analysed to understand the Fee structure, Salary structure, Curriculum offerings, Infrastructural setups, Manpower availability etc......

Project Planning

Establishing a school requires specialists in the field who have the experience and understand the logistics of the process. The School Consultant will design the best project plan for you.

  • Creating a Vision & Philosophy. 

  • Create a Brand name & Logo

  • Aid with Business planning & Financial feasibility

  • Inputs on statutory requirements 

  • Help make strategic choices for Board affiliation & type of school

  • Curriculum planning

  • Human resource and recruitment of staff

Infrastructural Developments

School Infrastructure refers to the site, buildings, furniture and equipment that contribute to a learning environment.The schools we design and build must promote effective learning and teaching methodology. The school must be environmentally sustainable and support community involvement. The Department supports these learning environments through the provision of new and environmentally sustainable schools upgrades ,modernization of existing facilities,  ongoing maintenance and rationalization of Departmental assets.

  • Detailed inputs on Architecture & design

  • Advise on setting up of IT resources

  • Setting up organisational structure & administrative systems

​​​Consultancy Services

School consultants have the expertise to help you establish a new school or improve the operations of your existing school. With years of experience, we have the knowledge to help you start and maximise your school’s performance to the highest standards. We offer the following services:

  • Pre operational planning for new school projects 

  • Start-up services to make the school operational 

  • Training of Administrators & Principals​

  • Teacher training programmes​

  • Continuous monitoring of schools to ensure quality control​

  • Analysis & Improvement of established schools

Operational Services

Our team of experienced Educators and dedicated school consultants have the expertise gathered from operating schools in the UK, Middle East and India to provide educational and operational management. Our services include:

  • Curriculum management 

  • Staff training programmes 

  • IT Management

  • Finance and cost management ​

  • Provide administrative & management systems​

  • Advise on cost effective education​

  • Quality Control​

  • IT Integration

Training & Assessment

With today’s increased emphasis on training and the need to keep skills sharp and current, it is important to ensure trainers not only know how to teach, but understand how people learn.The courses, offered at three levels, can enhance existing skills, lead to careers in the classroom or workplace as an assessor or supervisor or qualify you to deliver training packages in a variety of environments. The range of study skills include:  

  • Preparing and presenting training sessions

  • Developing training programs

  • evaluating and assessing participants

  • e-learning

  • Direct group-based learning

  • Create an inclusive learning culture

  • Organise distance-learning


We provide a wide range of services and tailor-made training programmes for:

  • Training of Principal

  • Training of teachers ​

  • Training of administrative staff in school​

  • Conducting in-service workshops for staff and Conducting workshops for students


CBSE Affiliation Advisory Services


EROCON will guide througought the application and affilation process to get CBSE affiliation. Our team of school consultants will ensure all norms and procedures are followed before applying for affiliation. In case of deficiencies / objections from CBSE, We will guide you on clearing up these objections. We have the best CBSE School consultant team to guide you throughout the process.


Acquire & Divest Schools


We provide common platform to all buisness houses , Socety's , Trust looking to acquire existing schools or willing to divest their running schools. We will assist you in gauging your return over the project. EROCON is engaged in providing turnaround services to run the venture in profitable manner    

  • Best School consultants in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata,Bangalore


Thank you very much for all your hard work. We appreciate you very much and want you to know how valued you are. Entire Erocon team has a crucial role in our success.


A. Ramkumar

Chairman, AVPS, Perambalur, Tamilnadu

Erocon has definitely helped us out here when it comes to our operations or planning the future. Over the past 2 years Erocon has continued to achieve great results for us using their dedicated team of Academicians.


Amar Tolani

Chairman, SWS, Lakhimpur, U.P.

Erocon has really helped from the project planning phase. The consulting is the way to reach our desired educational goals


Aadi Tiwari

Promoter, The Cambridge School