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Consulting Services to set up new school in India

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The span of scope of work is spread over a period of 2-3 years for a turnkey project, in general the planning & construction takes one year and it takes another one year to complete the affiliation part. The consulting services for new school project are bifurcated in Pre-Commissioning & Post Commissioning Phase. For all those who are looking to unsolve the following queries such as how to start a CBSE school in India, how to start a school in India, cost of setting up school in India, how to start a primary school in India, how to open a school in India, how to start a play school in India, checklist for opening a new school, how to start a primary school in India, new school opening procedure in India. This section will help you answer all above. 

Our services for new school setup 

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​Feasibility Report & Market Research

In the growing scenario where schools are around everywhere, It is important to understand the market potential and return on investments for a given geographical area.The purpose of a Feasibility Study is to identify the likelihood of setting up a school in the area. In other words, if you are unsure whether your school project will deliver the outcome you want, then a Project Feasibility Study by the school consultant will help gain that clarity. During the Feasibility Study, a variety of 'assessment' methods are undertaken. The competitors in the area are analysed to understand the Fee structure, Salary structure, Curriculum offerings, Infrastructural setups, Manpower availability etc......

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Project Planning

Establishing a school requires specialists in the field who have the experience and understand the logistics of the process. The School Consultant will design the best project plan for you.

  • Creating a Vision & Philosophy. 

  • Create a Brand name & Logo

  • Aid with Business planning & Financial feasibility

  • Inputs on statutory requirements 

  • Help make strategic choices for Board affiliation & type of school

  • Curriculum planning

  • Human resource and recruitment of staff

Infrastructural Development & Procurement Advisory

School Infrastructure refers to the site, buildings, furniture and equipment that contribute to a learning environment.The schools we design and build must promote effective learning and teaching methodology. The school must be environmentally sustainable and support community involvement. The Department supports these learning environments through the provision of new and environmentally sustainable schools upgrades ,modernization of existing facilities,  ongoing maintenance and rationalization of Departmental assets.

Erocon being the best school consultants in India for setting up of new school projects in India understand the school operations and their challenges. Hence it is necessary for the promoters to understand the importance of effective floor planning for the school to facilitate efficiency with respect to space optimization and effective school operations. Our team guides clients for finalizing requirements, specifications, purchase size and the right vendor to get the best quality for their new school project while meeting budgetary targets.



  • Advisory and inputs on maximum optimization of space along with facility planning of the school taking into consideration travel time and segregation of facilities as per school operations.

  • Advisory on CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE/IB recommendation for infrastructure norms.

  • Advise and Finalize technical specifications for all school operations related purchases such as lab set ups, teaching aids, furniture, play equipment, classroom layouts, classroom theme, classroom flooring and inputs on wall color schemes.

  • Advise and finalize specifications and procurement requirements for school auditorium set up.

  • Advise and finalize procurement size as per available budget and project requirements for all aspects under school operations purchases while guiding clients to manage operational budget.

  • Advise on specifications, procurement size and vendors negotiation assistance for school and campus security, sports facility, health facility, smart class equipment, ERP module requirements, PA systems etc.

  • Assistance and hand holding of clients for vendor management, negotiations and coordination for timely delivery while guiding them for our specific needs as per project requirements.

Branding and Marketing Planning


It is extremely important for a new school project to position itself strongly in the minds of the parents to create a traction for itself away from its strong existing competition school in the market. School Branding and Marketing of the new school plays an extremely important role for a new school project to set the tone positively for the venture and capture the minds of the prospective parents. Erocon being the best school consultants in the country guides, advises as well as provides the best school brand design collaterals to achieve the necessary positioning target from the new school project. Starting from Planning, budgeting, designing, training and monitoring, Erocon ensures that a new school project of our clients are able to create the right buzz to have an excellent first year jump start number.



  • Brand Positioning Strategy and Marketing Planning for the New School Project

  • Planning and Finalizing Budget for Marketing.

  • Designing of Logo and Advising for name of school.

  • Designing of Admission Docket

  • Designing of Outdoor Creatives

  • Designing of Media Creatives

  • Selection and Coordination with PR Agency

  • Designing of Office Merchandising

  • Designing of Academics related collaterals such as School Almanac, School Calendar,etc

  • Training of Admission Handling Team

  • Structuring of Admission Handling Process

  • Advising and Finalizing on Marketing activities to be undertaken for necessary visibility for school brand.

Recruitment Process, HR Policy Framework


Erocon team having a 30-year-old presence in the K-12 education segment in India have an excellent team of consultants, academicians and expertise along with to fine tune the process of identifying the right teachers and human resource for the new school project while implementing use of various strategic and effective selection tools. As per the requirement of the project, availability of resources and project budget along with market needs, the HR Planning for a new school project is defined.  



  • Finalization of Staff Requirements and Salary Structure in Phase Wise Manner 

  • Finalization of Experience Criterion & Locations for conduction of interview.

  • Development and Finalization of HR Policy Framework

  • Multiple shortlisting process of candidates, telephonic interview and finalizing list for final interview round.

  • Selection of Candidates on the basis of test, interview and final discussion with management along with necessary negotiations discussions on behalf of clients till joining of candidate while ensuring smooth entry of candidates in the process.

  • Finalizing Job Description, Roles and Responsibilities for All candidates, Human resources and staff as employed for the new school project.

  • Training management and sharing all general formats of recruitment and Human Resources as per Board Norms


Operational Services

A new school project needs to have an efficient administration framework in place for all departments to work in sync and every member being aware of their roles, responsibilities, regulations and framework which they are supposed to adhere thereby ensuring effective control, monitoring and quality management for school operations by the management. Erocon being the best school consultants in India have been instrumental in devising best operational practices that have been taken up as case studies across the country by new school promoters. Our exposure for best practices for school operations is not limited to India but for overseas as well giving our team the advantage to have know how of all curriculum school operational framework. Our team will advise, select, designs and train the new school team members with the best practices appropriate for the venture, location and project.



  • Advisory on Operational Budget Planning

  • Advisory on School Maintenance Policy

  • Advisory on Campus Safety and Security

  • Advisory on Transport Policy

  • Advisory on Purchase Policy

  • Advisory on Store Management and Inventory Disposal Policy

  • Advisory on ERP Management 

  • Advisory on Sexual Harassment Policy

  • Advisory on various associated law for management to be aware and adhere accordingly.

  • Training of Administrative staff for accounting and procedural work, documentation, reporting mechanism, verification procedure for new employees, performance appraisal, inventory management etc.

CBSE Affiliation Advisory Services


EROCON will guide througought the application and affilation process to get CBSE affiliation. Our team of school consultants will ensure all norms and procedures are followed before applying for affiliation. In case of deficiencies / objections from CBSE, We will guide you on clearing up these objections. We have the best CBSE School consultant team to guide you throughout the process.

Acquire & Divest Schools


We provide common platform to all business houses , Society's , Trust looking to acquire existing schools or willing to divest their running schools. We will assist you in gauging your return over the project. EROCON is engaged in providing turnaround services to run the venture in profitable manner    

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