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EROCON School Architecture Services

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Erocon has an exclusive in-house architectural team which deals with only school projects. Our team of school architects design CBSE, ICSE & International Curriculum Schools. Based on the detailed project report , Erocon passes on the inputs to school architectural team to create a design within the requirement and budgetary constraints. We work bothways , on one hand we create low cost building which focus less on elevations and more on the facility and operational plan for low budget projects and on the other hand we create ultra modern buildings with high rated 5 star comfort zones.


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Our Architecture team ensures having necessary facility plan and learning spaces as a part of design which facilitates further effective implementation of the curriculum as well as the vision of the promoters for their new school project. Our team has designed over 2.5 million square feet of school building making Erocon School Architecture team to be the best school architects in India for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB school whether be Day School, Day Boarding School, Day cum Boarding School, Completely Boarding/Residential School. Other than architecture projects, our architecture team also effectively contributes, reviews, advises on our ongoing consulting projects to ensure effective site planning, space planning and add the element of aesthetics making the infrastructure along with campus beautiful creating the necessary pull factor for prospective parents and positioning the new school project strongly.

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