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CBSE Affiliation Assistance, Guidance & Procedures

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​The highly competitive scenario in terms of the number of new schools coming up has pushed schools to work hard on their academic progress. The CBSE affiliation process involves infinite procedures, documentation, requirements, and trained manpower to clear the affiliation process. Our team of school consultants will take care of the whole process. The school's energy will be channelled into the running of the school, whereas our consultancy team will take care of the affiliation process. Our team of affiliation advisors has helped get over 170 schools CBSE affiliation, making us the best CBSE affiliation school consultants in India.

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What are the documents required for CBSE Affiliation Process?

  • UDISE number

  • Digitally signed Self certification document

  • N.O.C.(No Objection Certificate) from the respective Government

  • Formal Recognition Letter from the education department of the respective State or UT

  • A scanned copy of registration letter of Trust/Society/Company (under section 25 (I) (a) of the Companies Act 1956

  • Land Certificate from the concerned authority

  • Video clip of school

  • Fire safety certificate

  • Health & Sanitation certificate

  • Building Safety Certificate

  • EPF registration certificate

  • Staff Statement

  • Self Certification Proforma of school

What are Infrastructure requirements for CBSE Affiliation?

  • Class rooms – 8m.X 6m.(approximately 500 square feet)

  • Composite laboratory for secondary, Chemistry, Physics, Biology for Senior Secondary respectively - 9m. X 6m. (approximately 600 square feet).

  • Library –  14m X 8m (approximately 1200 square feet).

  • Computer Lab – 9m. X 6m. (approximately 600 square feet).

  • Mathematics Laboratory – 8m.X 6m.(approximately 500 square feet)

  • Music, Dance, Arts, and Sports, etc (optional) – Area of 8m.X 6m.(approximately 500 square feet)

  • Play-ground – Minimum 10000 sq.ft (929 sq. mtr.) open playground for outdoor sports and other activities

  • Drinking water, Toilets , Provision for CWSN Toilets & Ramp

What is the land requirement for CBSE Affiliation?

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