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Constructing a CBSE/ICSE School Building |How to construct a CBSE/ICSE School Building?

The construction of a school building is one of the major cost components impacting the project budget for promoters. The basis of arriving at a construction size shall be dependent on the volume addition trend of the location along with the concept note and facility plan as finalized for the school project as an offering to the target parents. The construction sizes shall be such which comprises of catering to 3-4 years of operations and having all necessary CBSE infrastructural requisites. The plan shall be such that the Phase 1 construction size shall be enough to get affiliations at one go while ensuring catering to enough volumes which shall further fund the construction of your next phases. In general, the clients make the mistake of over spending on the building and infrastructural development thereby losing out on budgets to be reserved for recruitment, advertisement, branding, marketing and hiring good staff which are equally important for a school project and venture to be successful.


  1. For a 2 section school, the capacity shall be that for 30 classroom units X 40 no of student as recommendation from CBSE, i.e. for 1200 students.

  2. For a 3 section school, the capacity shall be that for 45 classroom units X 40 no of student as recommendation from CBSE, i.e. for 1800 students.

  3. For a 4 section school, the capacity shall be that for 60 classroom units X 40 no of student as recommendation from CBSE, i.e. for 2400 students.


In addition, the facilities such as library and various functional laboratories are to be included in the infrastructural plan.

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How to identify a suitable location for a new CBSE/ICSE school project in India?

 The following points shall be considered for identifying and concluding the best suitable location for a new CBSE/ICSE School Project in India.

  • The distance from the target catchment zone and target parents and accordingly stressing on development of a strong transportation/logistic plan to get the students to the campus.

  • Land prices are a major consideration for finalization of school project location as it directly impacts on the type of project to be introduces, project budget and project size thereby impacting the complete project dynamics.

  • Front of land and road visibility/accessibility from main road as well as approach ability from the dense population catchment zones.

  • Suitability for construction and zone planning for the school to support on the planned facility plan as per the market requirement and trend that are derived from the existing competition and market dynamics.

  • As per assessment and Analysis of Existing and established competition in the region

  • Volume addition trend potential of the area indicated through competition analysis and upcoming projects in the nearby location.

  • Future Provision for expansion in terms of land availability for future phase development and introduction of new facility zones keeping in tune with the requirement of the market in future.

  • Market demand for the type of school as required to better position the school offering.

  • Compliance to Local Government and Authorities regulations, bye-laws and guidelines.

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